June 2, 2012

caught in the crowd

Had lunch today at Sirromet with some family friends.| Look at the nice green view!| Lemon Lime Bitters | Crispy Barramundi Chocolate Plate which I shared with my sister. | Green tea cake with peach ice cream I think.| While we were leaving, they were setting up the area for a [french-style] wedding! It looked so lovely. 


  1. I didn't know it is allowed to leave comments on your blog! until, I simply clicked on something..... ALL THE BEST ON YOUR EXAM! Had been stalking you. Y U BLEACH UR HAIRR?? and you've a nice camera :) what brand is it?

  2. Hehehee Bernice <3 Canon 600d! :)

  3. As if I need another reason to want to move to Australia, green tea cake? Holy yum!

    Sorry by the way that I'm completely spamming your blog with comments. ha I like your blog in case you can't tell.