August 24, 2012

lights will guide you home

Wow it's almost the end of August, it's crazy how quick this year is passing.
September is gonna be one hectic month.
Assessments Assignments Assessments Test Art Folio.... 
28 days till Japan; 


  1. I'm so jealous. but have a safe trip okay MY DEAR <3 you're still my dear :D ♥

  2. Berber! Hahaha It's not until another 28 days! XD
    How are you ♥ How's school? Are you on hols now? :)

  3. LAST DAY OF HOLS. ): Enjoy your trip okay. MEH I suppose if I'm not going to Korea for holidays I would have gone Japan through Youth exchange. I'm NOTTT so fine yet. I'm quite stressed now because I have no idea what I'm studying about when exam is just in less than 2 days!

    Okay er, may I ask which type of DSLR are you using?

  4. Last day of holidays already?! Hahaha we still have 4 weeks till holidays.... But you have Merdeka holiday right? :D Oooooooooo Korea, you're going during December hols, yes? Now I'm jealous hahaha. :( My dslr is the Canon 600d! I see you're looking for one too! Are you looking for Canon or Nikon? :)

  5. Neh, I'm JUST looking for one but not planning to buy already. 'cause my brother said I wouldn't know how to use and I'll have to buy lotsa lenses in the future if I ever get one now. Hmm, dream shattered. :'(


  6. oh, :X it's actually quite easy to use! but of course, if you want to learn the how to shoot manually you have to learn about ISO, shutter speed, aperture etcetc. and you don't HAVE to buy a lot of lenses! Most people don't even have that many lenses unless they're a professional photographer. xD Maybe what your brother meant was that, for example, if you choose to buy a Canon camera now, then you'd pretty much have to stick to Canon forever (as in, restricted to only buying Canon cameras/lenses), like, if you change your mind in the future and want to buy Nikon instead, then it'd be annoying because you'd have to sell all your Canon stuff. Okay, I don't even know if this is related... sorry, i suck at explaining! :(

  7. Yeahhh MAYBE, but I'd still buy a good quality Digital camera I guess? OR JUST BRIBE MY MOM HAHAHAHAHAHAAH . W/ my suckish result LOL.