February 23, 2013

summer daze

Flowers have bloomed.| A traditional Chinese New Year salad-like dish, it's so yummy. | Tina's birthday present from Emily and I. I really love the colour and now I want one too. :( | Last ever swimming carnival. It was raining all day and it was so crowded, there weren't enough seats.. but oh well, it was our last one anyway. Oh and my house won, yay! :)

February 16, 2013


Happy Belated Valentines Day!| Chocolate scented products smell so delicious. | A gift from Jess. A really really late birthday present but the packaging is so cute! Grapefruit smells so good.| I like the bokeh in the background in this photo.

I have two essays due next week which I haven't started/have no idea what to do, joys of being in grade twelve. 
A friend of mine introduced me to this game/app called Dream House Days and it's kind of like a mini version of The Sims. Basically you act as the landlord and build apartments, furnish them, find tenants, and become their 'mentor' and help them achieve their goals. Your tenants can marry and have children too. Warning- it's addicting. Do not download if you don't want to fail school, LOL.

February 4, 2013


I went to GOMA today with some friends to look at the APT7 (the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art) exhibition! 
Some of the artworks were really interesting. 

Sophie decided to be a dinosaur for the day. A sophiesaur. 
We actually found that dino head in a box of recycled paper at GOMA.

This artwork is by Nguyen Manh Hung, entitled "Living together in paradise". 
The details amazes me.

Artwork by Paramodel. 

"Roaming with the Dawn - Snow Drifts, Rain Falls, Desert Wind Blows" by Tiffany Chung 
This installation consisted of 4000 hand-made glass sculptures.

Artwork by Raqib Shaw. The surface of the artwork was shimmery. 
(It was finished with gems, glitter, and rhinestones) Just w-o-w.

I was also particularly drawn to this stop-motion video, "Everyone is Everbody" by Tromarama which looks into consumerism or something. It was basically consumer items such as bags, shoes, socks etc that could talk sing.

We went for froyo after! I'm so glad froyo stores finally opened in Brisbane, all of them around the same time too! Now there are too many to choose from. Oh well, I think I'm obsessed now. I've had these for three days in a row. "Guilt-free enjoyment" they say. ;)