February 16, 2013


Happy Belated Valentines Day!| Chocolate scented products smell so delicious. | A gift from Jess. A really really late birthday present but the packaging is so cute! Grapefruit smells so good.| I like the bokeh in the background in this photo.

I have two essays due next week which I haven't started/have no idea what to do, joys of being in grade twelve. 
A friend of mine introduced me to this game/app called Dream House Days and it's kind of like a mini version of The Sims. Basically you act as the landlord and build apartments, furnish them, find tenants, and become their 'mentor' and help them achieve their goals. Your tenants can marry and have children too. Warning- it's addicting. Do not download if you don't want to fail school, LOL.


  1. i've been playing sims3 and it's horribly addicting, because you get so enthusiastic about creating your perfect dream house and life ==' i can confirm that ur warning is well justified ,haha!

    btw, love your blog and all your photos!!
    they are awesome <3

    xx, Connie

  2. Beautiful pictures. The fourth one is so lovely. I like
    the blanket at the background

  3. Beautiful roses! What a coincidence, I have 2 essays due next week and the week after - eeek! Sims is such a fun game, I loved their gold one they had, I played it for hours when I was younger. The Vaseline cocoa butter is so luscious and smells amazing, it really works nicely on your skin! I have yet to see anyone post a product from them, they are really good! xx

  4. I've always actually wondered of cocoa scented products really smelt that way haha but I guess they do from your post! Hurry up finish your essays, you don't want to be leaving it to the last minute haha! And oh, Dream House Days sounds addicting. I remember when all my friends and I were obsessed with The Sims on Facebook in Year 10, perfect timing also ... since we had our yearly examinations haha.

    1. Haha Anita! Agreed about the essays, but I'm just too good at procrastinating. :( Yeah I remember a while ago when I was obsessed with The Sims Social on facebook!

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  6. You are only a senior??? Holy freaking crap, how are you already so talented and so young!? Wow, my mind has officially been blown. ha for real though, you are amazing!

  7. really lovely pictures!


  8. A very cute and adorable blog! I love the quality of your pictures, so keep bloggin'

  9. I remember playing Sims when I was young and then giving up when my baby kept getting stolen by the DHS and then my hubby started to kiss the neighbours. I think it'll take me a while to get back into the game!

  10. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog ^^
    great shots! I love the tones :)) I super love the last photo! :)