April 27, 2013

just give me a reason

The sky... from my backyard. oh the wonders of photoshop.| New nail polish! I have no idea if these ones are good but they were $2 so why not? :) | Spent ANZAC day writing a persuasive essay about whether or not satire should be funny. | Bruschetta - delish and easy to make too. 

April 5, 2013


On the way home. | I spend way too much money on earrings. | I've been wanting to make (more like eat HAHA) macarons for the longest time ever so I finally got around to it last night. They actually turned out decent, yay! |Experimented with light painting in an attempt to make a title page for my art visual diary.

Ah it has been already a week of holidays already.. I really should start doing some work next week and get around to my "holiday homework". Joys of grade twelve. :(
Hope you all have a great weekend! x