May 6, 2013

away she'd fly

Just some snaps around South Bank and the buddhafest this weekend. 
There's this new dessert cafe in the city called Passion Tree and the interior is beautiful. We tried the honey bread and the green-tea shaved ice which consisted of green-tea froyo (i think?), red bean, macadamia nuts and cornflakes and oh my they're so yummy. If you live in Brisbane you should check it out. Hope you all have a great week! x

while I drown in my maths assignment.
(apparently I'm supposed to find a relationship between area and distance using integration idek)


  1. Lovely photos! Passiontree reminds of me of these Asian dessert places we have here in Sydney except now it is way to cold to visit :( Your maths assignment looks torturous haha good luck on it! x

  2. Oh maths. I used to be really good at it (if I don't say so myself). But once the HSC was over, I have no use for it be to appreciate her curves (see what I did there?). Are you sure its not finding the area under a curve to determine distance? Which is another set of questions all together...

  3. Aww that looks really yummy! I would love to try this Green Tea shaved ice and the Honey Bread seems to be quite delicious, too.
    Lovely pictures.

    ♥ Maho

  4. Great Pictures! It is a pity that there's no buddhafest in my City.

  5. Really nice and inspiring pics!
    You have a great blog and I'm your new follower, hope you follow back:-)

  6. those rows of lanterns are so beautiful! what kind of camera do you use? the quality is great:)