June 24, 2013

always reading my mind like a letter

Yay for it finally being holidays! But gosh, Brisbane is boringgg. Wish I could travel interstate or something. :(  A few days ago I went to a friend's house and omg I'm in love with her house. It's like a 4-mini storey house - I'm not sure how to explain it's not 4 storeys but there are like little stair thingys, haha so there are like 4 levels.. kind of. 

Went grocery shopping!

Lunch - macaroni and cheese, bacon and eggs (look at the plates, HAHA)

They have the cutest mugs and crockery.

and not to mention so many T2 teas/ jealous.

This tea is really nice, and such a pretty colour!

Successfully made banana bread even though we put in like half a cup of self-raising flour instead of plain flour.

To go back to ombre hair or to dye it red-brown, oh decisions.

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June 15, 2013

create night

Yesterday was my school's CREATE night where all the artworks of art students were exhibited. The outdoor area was so pretty with the disco ball and fairy lights everywhere, reminds me of Christmas already hahaha. :)

On a side note, 
Now time to dread getting my results back.... :X

June 4, 2013

two pieces

love seeing pretty trees from the car/ on the bus| unhealthy study snacks| love the korean grocery shop even though i don't understand any korean.. haha i have such a hard time with the drinks because a lot of them don't have any pictures soooo i just stare at them and try to guess what they are| first time having pizza from pizza capers| one of our neighbour's cat made itself at home in our garden.

^ Life for the next 2 weeks.