June 24, 2013

always reading my mind like a letter

Yay for it finally being holidays! But gosh, Brisbane is boringgg. Wish I could travel interstate or something. :(  A few days ago I went to a friend's house and omg I'm in love with her house. It's like a 4-mini storey house - I'm not sure how to explain it's not 4 storeys but there are like little stair thingys, haha so there are like 4 levels.. kind of. 

Went grocery shopping!

Lunch - macaroni and cheese, bacon and eggs (look at the plates, HAHA)

They have the cutest mugs and crockery.

and not to mention so many T2 teas/ jealous.

This tea is really nice, and such a pretty colour!

Successfully made banana bread even though we put in like half a cup of self-raising flour instead of plain flour.

To go back to ombre hair or to dye it red-brown, oh decisions.

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  1. Yay for holidays! Haha I would love to go to Brisbane! I think Melbourne is pretty boring. ): Yum I love T2 and banana bread. (:

    1. Yay for holidays! I would love to go to Australia in general haha because it's quite boring here in Germany.

  2. Yay for holidays c; to me it means more time
    to read, cooking, DIY.....
    The plates are really cute, and the mac and
    cheese looks YUM! I love shops where they
    sell the cutest mugs, cups, kitchen tools etc!