June 4, 2013

two pieces

love seeing pretty trees from the car/ on the bus| unhealthy study snacks| love the korean grocery shop even though i don't understand any korean.. haha i have such a hard time with the drinks because a lot of them don't have any pictures soooo i just stare at them and try to guess what they are| first time having pizza from pizza capers| one of our neighbour's cat made itself at home in our garden.

^ Life for the next 2 weeks.


  1. Yum I love buying Korean snacks. (: Haha I always have a hard time trying to figure out what they are as well.
    I love the photos of the cat!
    Good luck with your studies. (:

  2. Korean snacks are the best in my opinion :P
    Wow it looks like you have a busy week ahead, good luck for your tasks!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! And the cat is beyond cute. :)

  4. amazing photos :)

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  5. These pictures are amazing! Love them! Loved your blog and will come back for sure!

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  6. Hey I really like your photos. What camera do you use?

    Alysia x