July 20, 2013

we're only lost children

just some photos from a little road trip two weeks ago.
hope you all have a nice week ahead! x
while i drown in my assignments :))))

July 7, 2013

our love was made in the usa

I swear I always end up impulse buying jewelery/accessories every time I go out.
This nail polish looks like a nice colour and it was $3! It's like a cool tone light blue.
Too bad I won't be able to wear it till next holidays which is like September. :'(

 Had lunch at Madtongsan in the city to celebrate a friend's birthday!

Inside Wintergarden. It looks really nice inside (and outside) but the 50mm makes things so difficult.
Does anyone else feel like a tourist in their own city when lugging around their dslrs? HAHA.. I know I do.

Froyo froyo all day every day.

So it's Sunday evening and school starts tomorrow.
 Desperately clinging onto my last bit of freedom.

July 2, 2013

in case you don't find what you're looking for

Am I the only one who rummages through salads to find croutons?

Taro ice cream cake from Breadtop!

Happy July everyone! 

Half a year has officially past. Can you imagine in exactly half a year we'd be celebrating new years and welcoming 2014?! I feel like I'm still living in the past. I have a 2012 calendar on my wall (still) and sometimes I actually catch myself writing 2012 instead of 2013 in my notebook, haha...(Ok I hope I'm not the only one that does this..) 

July is gonna be a month filled with uni open days... and the start of a deadly term. Only a couple of days of school holidays left and I am nowhere near ready for term 3. I'm not sure about you guys from other states (or countries!), but in qld, term 3 is the most important (and stressful) term of our entire twelve years of schooling because the results are weighted most heavily in a way. It's almost a make-or-break situation - if you do badly it'd affect your result quite heavily even if you managed to do well in previous terms. Okay I may or may not be exaggerating a little but still. 

Anyway (getting back on topic), on Saturday, we had a little family gathering/bbq to celebrate my little sister's birthday. She turned twelve. Officially a teenager next year, hahaha. Now I feel old turning seventeen in 2.5 months. I'm just getting used to being sixteen. :(

On a side note, I really really need to stop going on tumblr. It's literally taking over my life atm and if I continue doing this next term, I can wave my OP goodbye. (OP is the ranking system we use in qld which is used for university entrance purposes)