August 26, 2013

a love song without the love

Roasted salmon thing. Sundays are officially 'international food night' in our household!

Chocolate frappucino's becoming a daily thing now.

Yay for finally finishing 1984. It literally took me almost 2 months to read so it was probably a good thing that I started before the holidays. It's such a deep but pretty interesting book which really makes you think about the world in which we live in.

Just casually dressing up as Snow White. Haha just some experimental photos for my art body of work! 
Questioning myself as to why I decided to make a stop-motion video omg.

Sorry for not updating for so long.. I literally haven't been going out at all lately so life's not very exciting hehe..  but exams will be over in 2 weeks so doubleplusgood! (you'll understand if you've read 1984!)