September 24, 2013

TCOF '13

So on the weekend we went to the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers! 
Basically we went around looking at all these houses who participated in this annual garden competition thing and the effort the residents of Toowoomba put into planting these flowers are seriously amazing.

Lunch at a cafe called the Chocolate Cottage - about 10 mins or so from Toowoomba CBD. 
Homemade lemonade + focaccia = yums. It really is in a nice little cottage and you get to sit outdoors and there's a pretty mountain view except half of it is blocked by hedges.

 This was the reserve grand champion's house!

This house also had like a man-made waterfall like what??

Went to the State Rose Garden except I think it's still a tad early hence half of the roses haven't fully bloomed yet. Another week or two would've been perfect.

Then we went to Queens Park where there were all these beautiful flower beds it was literally like heaven.

 This little girl happened to be in the picture but her dress perfectly complements the yellow flowers hehe.

Oh and also the lighting was fab it was around golden hour! 

Soz sis I had to focus on the flowers ;)

Just look at the gorgeous shades of purple.

The drive home. Tried to chase the sunset but we were going in a different direction oh well.

September 15, 2013

hit me like a ray of sun

Meet my twin. Haha kidding, just messing with photoshop! Galaxy print.

It looked pretty before I had to shake it.

San Churros! Chocolate (strawberry?) sundae and churros with milk chocolate + caramel dipping.
You get free churros for two on your birthday! ;)

Green tea cake! Turned seventeen now I feel so old.


These stuff are amazin'. Addicted to the body butter ahhhh.

 Homemade fish and chips!