September 11, 2013

i can't live a lie running for my life

Spring is officially here! I'm only eleven days late.

 Oh my god I found green tea kit kat at an asian grocery store! But they're ridiculously expensive. :(

Lunch at Oishii Sushi, which literally translates as 'delicious sushi'.

Look at the kitty licking itself nawwww. It's not even ours but it just always comes to our garden.

Hoorayyyy for finally finishing block exams for term three! I had my last exam today which was a Japanese speaking exam. I had a sudden mind blank and forgot the word for 'responsibility' and I literally just sat there for a good ten seconds going 'takusan... takusan.....takusan no...' while internally crying HAHAHA.

My next few weeks would probably consist of me lazing around, dreading my exam results, going to Sunshine Coast during the holidays, Riverfire, the Toowoomba Flower Festival, weowww can't wait! 

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  1. Glad you are done with your exams c:
    These photo's are beautiful! I love
    the deep contrast. The sushi looks
    delicious and so does the greentea
    Kitkat c; Xx