October 20, 2013

and you'll know my heart by heart

So I tagged along to my sister's engagement shoot and here are just some snaps!
26 days till I graduate ahhhh and I only have like 9 actual school days left wow.
Have a nice week ahead everyone! 

October 5, 2013

i stood for nothing, so i fell for everything

 Dinner at Wagaya for Ling's birthday! I loveee salmon. I could live off it.


 Late night froyo. (not even my froyo though haha)

Amanda's birthday dinner at Malaya Corner.

 selfie with the birthday girl!

 Dinner at this Indian restaurant at New Farm!

 Samosas + mango lassi.

I just realised all these pictures were basically food haha.
 I'm currently in the process of editing photos from my sister's engagement shoot today sooooo more photos will be up soon ;)