November 18, 2013

we can burn brighter than the sun

Soooo a lot has happened since the last time I blogged - last days of high school, last block exams, graduation... It's just a bundle of mixed emotions and just feels so surreal that I've graduated like what am I even going to do with my life now??
So on the last few days we just celebrated by eating because why not, haha. 

Japanese lunch excursion at Sono Restaurant at Hamilton Portside. 

Ling, Sara, Sunny and I had a little graduation dinner at Aquitaine Brasserie. It was so hard to take photos because the lighting wasn't very good and I was using the kit lens which only went up to f/3.5 which resulted in most of the photos being blurry/shaky. Nevertheless, the desserts were amazing ahhhh.

Ok how did this become a food post hahaha but oh well. Sorry for the dodgy editing - I just used the default windows picture manager to edit the brightness/contrast because I don't have Photoshop atm. Anyway hope you all have a great week ahead! :)