December 9, 2013

if the weapon is your love, i got my hands up

 Just over 2 weeks till Christmas! I really wanna experience a white Christmas but Australia ugh. I'll be on a plane to Malaysia on Christmas Eve but that doesn't mean I'll be able to escape the summer heat because it'd be even more humid over there haha. 

 Joined the polaroid gang.

French Twist at Indooroopilly - look how amazing the drinks look, and so healthy too.

Summer reading! Just kidding probably won't even be done by the time summer ends because I'm just so unmotivated to read if it's not for school or anything. But I've heard great things about John Green's books and TFIOS constantly appears on my Tumblr dash so I thought why not. Hahaha. 

Hope you all are having a great holiday (if you're on hols) and if not have a great week!