December 9, 2013

if the weapon is your love, i got my hands up

 Just over 2 weeks till Christmas! I really wanna experience a white Christmas but Australia ugh. I'll be on a plane to Malaysia on Christmas Eve but that doesn't mean I'll be able to escape the summer heat because it'd be even more humid over there haha. 

 Joined the polaroid gang.

French Twist at Indooroopilly - look how amazing the drinks look, and so healthy too.

Summer reading! Just kidding probably won't even be done by the time summer ends because I'm just so unmotivated to read if it's not for school or anything. But I've heard great things about John Green's books and TFIOS constantly appears on my Tumblr dash so I thought why not. Hahaha. 

Hope you all are having a great holiday (if you're on hols) and if not have a great week! 


  1. Ahhh those drinks look amazing. I love it when healthy drinks look as good as it tastes :P. I really wish we had a white Christmas too in Australia but the heat isn't too bad I guess haha anything is better than two winters.

  2. Your pictures make me feel so festive!! And oh my gosh, I love John Green books, I'm sure you'll power through them, it's a real page turner. I was really skeptical of his books at first because "hipsters" seemed to love and quote them a lot, but they're really good books!!
    Please do share your thoughts and feelings on them when you finish!
    Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  3. ahh you got the instax mini!! what's it like?? I've been thinking about getting one :)

  4. I've been dying to get an instax for quite awhile! You must let us all know how awesome it is! Those drinks look absolutely DELISH. Oh, and it's funny to hear the words 'Christmas' and 'summer' in the same post. Haha. Being from the U.S., it just doesn't feel quite the same. Regardless, you've picked out two awesome books. Looking For Alaska is one of my favorites of all time!

  5. Wow! This all looks so good, I love how the colours pop in your photos. Incidentally those are the only two John Green books I've read so far, the fault in our stars remains my favourite. Hope you enjoy them! :)
    Oh, and welcome to the instax family, you'll loooooove it!

  6. Those books are so great, you'll seriously love them!

  7. I love the clarity of these photos!

  8. nice pictures

  9. Yaaayy you got a new follower!! Merry Christmas :)
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  10. love the intensity of colors on your pictures!