January 18, 2014

malaysia trip '13/'14

long post ahead
Hello helloo so I'm back from my 2ish week trip to Malaysia! I didn't take that many photos because well, I'm not exactly a tourist since I was born there, haha. 99% of these photos were taken on my phone even though I brought my dslr because it was so hot and humid and just yeah. (I was too lazy to carry the extra weight) Most of these photos were taken on our three day trip to an island/state called Penang, where my dad grew up in.
white & gold simplistic colour scheme

the bikie gang. we should've totally rented these and biked around town.

this famous cendol stall in Penang. cendol is a dessert consisting of coconut milk, shaved ice, palm sugar and green jelly like noodle things made out of rice flour +  we went to this 3d/interactive museum!

 view from a bridge.

Love Lane!

breakfast - roti canai with curry

duck noodles i think? + asam laksa

 kenny rogers - i loved going to this restaurant as a kid + nasi lemak

nasi kandar + teh o ais limau 

Did I mention Penang has really cool street art?
the minions seem to be super popular in malaysia - there's like minion merchandise everywhere, literally.

 wire sculptures like these were all over town!

+ signs like these.

these kuihs were so yummy. 

christmas decor + we ordered these passionfruit drinks and like 3/4 of it was basically ice so my (future) brother-in-law took it back to the shop and they gave us a free refill. #thingsyoucandoinmalaysia

my new favourite store called Kaison. they have the cutest things at really affordable prices + look at the minion plushie aw (and the one at the bottom lol)

a shop filled with chinese new year supplies + shopping malls in malaysia >>>> shopping malls in australia

we had sushi three days in a row + how my sister filled out a survey at this sushi restaurant ("would you return based on this visit?" "no because you gave me a blunt pencil")

 i told my sister to imitate the mannequins.

sunset on the plane. (or more like after sunset)

Andddd that's it. Editing took forever, haha. To the year 12 cohort last year, hope you all got the uni offers you wanted! I got my first preference so yay for that! (except I'm still not 100% sure if that's what I really wanna do but oh well) Officially a UQ student now!


  1. I enjoyed reading your post. it is like I am there too . :)

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  2. Welcome back from your trip! These photos are so amazing, real, and does't only show the 'touristy' attractions, I enjoy reading about more authentic enjoyments. My friend is going to Malaysia with a bunch of other people next month for 2 weeks, I'm so jealous, but I do plan on visiting sometime this year :)

  3. Whoa, seems like it was a really fun trip! Congrats on your acceptance xx

  4. Super Cute, thanks for sharing
    those painting on the building is amazing !


  5. I've never been to Malaysia but it seems like such a lovely place


  6. Beautiful photos!

    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog.

  7. i'm from Malaysia too but currently living in the UK so it's lovely to see this post. the food photos have made me so hungry haha! looking forward to going back in the summer

    xo Sarah

  8. awesome! I didn't came across most of the street arts, bummer. but yes it was really fun to just walk around the area. we had the cendol too which was reallllly good after a hot, humid afternoon. urgghh don't get me started on the good food. I want to go again, soon! great post Jo-Ann xx