July 9, 2014

you can take your words and all your lies

So I haven't blogged in like what seems like an eternity oops..  sooo within the last six months, nothing much happened really other than the fact that I've finished my first semester of uni! 

So here's some recent-ish photos

French Twist// Cowch

Paw Paw Cafe// Burger Urge - their sweet potato chips are da bomb


Woke up at 6am for the sunrise but there wasn't one??//  pizza @ uni

dessert pizza & udder puffs aka heaven//  green tea & white chocolate cake

these sandwiches were so good// boots from ASOS - i've been refreshing asos multiple times a day for like 2 weeks because these were out of stock but sizes would randomly pop back sometimes hahaha (it was worth it)

Annie slept over at my place on Monday and we attempted to dye our hair pink. Hers came out really nice and bright and mine's just like...meh. HAHAHA it looks like completely different colours in different lighting.

And then at around midnight we decided to bake hehe. Other than the fact that we melted some plastic it turned out pretty good. 

salted caramel apple pie bars we made// drinks from bonsai botanika

Anddd that's it for now! Hope you all are having a good week/holidays!