November 30, 2014

so let's a build a bridge, yeah from your side to mine

 Uni snaps.

The revamped outdoor area at Garden City looks really nice! 

 San Churros. The Iced Spanish Latte is really yum (and the salted caramel drink too).

 Brunch at Caffe Cherry Beans.

Also, we took a weekend trip to Tangalooma a few weeks ago.

The view from the villa we stayed at.


How cool are these mocktails?

 Sunset shots.

Hello hello long time no see. I've neglected this blog for so long oh man.. but I feel kinda motivated/inspired to start blogging again. So yesterday, my dad was telling us about his family history etc. and how he didn't know who his grandparents were so basically we have no idea who our ancestors are.. Ok I really don't know where this story is going or how it even relates to blogging but I guess it just reminded me of how these blog posts might be interesting to read down the road.

Also, how is it December tomorrow. How.