December 23, 2014

A weekend down at the coast

View from our hotel room.

 The place we stayed at was located at the border between Queensland & NSW which is pretty cool! Hence the name "Twin Towns".

We checked in pretty late in the afternoon, and then headed to the beach which was across the road (well, maybe two roads) from our hotel.

I can't get over how pretty the water looks.

Fisheye lens comin in handy.

Sun setting... ish.

After a stroll on the beach, we went to Hog's Breath Cafe for dinner.

Boss Hog Ribs with a side of Caesar salad. The fries are sooo good.

Group selfie feat. ribs.

They had some interesting decor.

Day Two

The day started off with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. We got an hour extension on our check-out time which we spent playing a few rounds of UNO. 

Burleigh Heads.

#ootd feat. this black floppy hat which I've been wearing way too often.

After Burleigh heads, we headed to Galaxy seafood & mediterranean restaurant at Southport for lunch.

They had this really cool mural thing with Greece in the background (which I didn't manage to get a full picture of, oops).

These two seafood platters are meant to be shared between four people but we could barely finish it between seven...

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