December 31, 2014

kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats

A little recap of my last few days of 2014:

Spent Christmas Eve looking at Christmas lights. I truly admire the amount of effort people put into these because my family can barely be bothered putting up the Christmas tree. 

I just had to take a picture with surfing santa. 

The sky was really pretty the other day. #nofilter 



From our backyard - sunset on the left, rainbow on the right.

Green Tea Frappucino. 

Watched Big Hero 6 the other day - it was a great movie. AND BAYMAX IS SO CUTE I WANT ONE. The fist bump scenes still make me laugh.

Boxing Day shopping - I didn't buy much at all and I'm not sure if it was even worth the trip cause it took us over half an hour and three times in and out the parking lot to find a park. I did get a cleanser for 50% off at Lush though which I'm really happy about.

 I've been buying quite a few of these dresses/playsuits lately but I barely ever wear them because I never feel like it's the right time hahaha. I guess one of my new year resolutions would be to wear more of the stuff I buy. I can't believe we're ringing in the new year as I'm typing this. I feel like 2014 went by so quick and that nothing too exciting happened but hopefully I can make 2015 count. 

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