January 17, 2015

we never go out of style

Soooo over this hols I decided to clean my room & re-organise.. ish. The result was me sticking triangles all over the wall lol.

Bought these mirrors from Kmart but had to return them cause the chain (which is used to hang up the mirrors) were a bit flimsy and broke before I could even hang them up. 

The other day I was sitting on my chair and it literally just collapsed. Sooo the next day we went to IKEA and picked up a new chair yay (secretly happy that I finally have a chair that matches my room). Also I never knew chairs were so expensive. 

Had dinner at Ren Japanese Restaurant at Runcorn the other night. I forgot what these sushi rolls were called oops. They were really good though. I remember one of them was the Tasmania Roll.



Green tea cream brulee with green tea ice cream (yes in the menu it was actually spelled cream and not creme hahaha). I'm not sure whether it was intentional or not - the texture of it was unusually creamy, maybe they were trying to be punny.

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