March 4, 2015

are we out of the woods

Around two weeks ago my friends and I went to Eat Street Markets... and the food is just soooo good. 

Tim Tam cronut. Half croissant, half donut. I didn't know what the hype was all about until I tasted one. It's so good. I'm really craving one right now.

This is called the milky bun. And that vaccine looking thing contained salted caramel filling. At first I thought the blue ice cream was bubblegum flavoured or something but it was actually a really nice flavour that wasn't too sweet at all and that I really do not know how to describe. But this was also super yummy.

  This kinda looks like pizza but it's some sort of garlic bread thing....

..... and this was only half the food we ate because I got too lazy to take photos after. We also had calamari, beer battered chips and a one litre cup of iced tea.

Tried out this new Japanese place at Garden City called "motto motto". The food was great and I'll be back for sure.

Seaweed fries + sweet and sour soft shell crab.

Seafood chirashi. 
I don't understand how we got a free drink but I'm not complaining.

 Cool lights.

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