March 22, 2015

upward falling

Breakfast at the coffee club - eggs benedict, smashed avocado and bacon, salmon and avocado stack & chai latte.

Macarons from French Twist. Soooo yum. 

They had this free photobooth at Indro which my dad actually noticed while he was waiting for us outside the store and hahaha and he insisted on going in by himself without us and I just couldn't stop laughing.

 #blackandblue.... and yellow.. and white.

 My friend got a new macbook pro and it's so nice. We spent an hour at the Apple store deciding between a 13" or 15" and then she complained about how poor she was for the rest of the day hahaha. 

 Beginning Boutique's A+ packaging. I got a two-piece set for $27 from $89 in one of their flash sales. :') 
(may or may not have been online shopping during lecture oops)

Anddddddd let's end this post with this fluffy lil puppy. :) 

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